Welcome to Sylver Net

We provide UNLIMITED reliable wireless Internet specifically designed to cover remote rural areas since 2015. We use local towers and Up-to-Date powerful WiFi facilities to cover all Dinuba rurals. It's quite challenging to keep up with the speed and quality in such areas. This is why we dedicated ourselves to built up our own network just on your door steps to cover the most remote underserved areas and to make it possible to provide rural residences with a high speed UNLIMITED internet capable for streaming video, online gaming and more...


Sylver Net - Private Policy

Our prices

Plan Name Download speed Price
Standard 3 Mb/s 55$
Advanced 8 Mb/s 75$

The cost of installation work is negotiated depending on the complexity ($50-$100). Wi-Fi equipment (modem and router) is provided for free for the period of service but is subject to be returned upon termination of contract. The contract is for six consecutive months of service. After this period the price remains the same.

Our contacts:

PO Box 625, Sultana, California, 93666
Tel: (559) 936 0726 (559) 492 9067 (559) 397 4911
E-mail: support@sylvernet.net
Facebook: facebook.com/sylvernet
Facebook messenger: m.me/sylvernet